49 Replies to “10 Ultimate Twitch Fails Caught Live On Stream”

  1. Who cares if someone shows there little cookie on twitch? or some cus words on twitch!!!! just SHOW IT!!!!   lol  My lord its not the end of the world!!   lol

  2. a lot of people are stupid and hateful the follow these sexy gurls just so they can wait to report them… messing up for guys waiting for that 1 special moment

  3. Girl I worked with was lunch and had some girl on Craigslist send more detail pictures of an item that she had listed and when the girl sent my coworker more pictures of the items the girl had the items laid out on her bed and at the head of her bed was a big mirror and in the reflection of the mirror you could see the girl was totally nude taking pictures , my coworker text the girl back and hold her that she can see her in the mirror over the bed and the girl literally text back my coworker back and told her she didn't care and just not to show anybody the pictures and delete them.
    proof technology can get you in trouble without knowing !!!

  4. Okay, I must really be blind as fuck cause I cannot for the life of me see a purple vibrator under the bed. I see something purple…but that doesn't look like any vibrator I've ever seen lol

  5. Pretending to be handicap for views and sub…. lowest of the low hope you have a accident and actualy become handicap. Will see who will be laughing then.

  6. i have seen women put their b.o.b.'s under their bed before just laying on the floor. do they wash it before using it again or not. no wonder some on these women's snatch's smell funny. dust , hair from their cat and other such shit. lazy and discusting women and their habits freak me out.

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