33 Replies to “EPIC FAIL Compilation || August 2014 || MonthlyFails”

  1. But you do realise that the cake and the pendulum were Polish not Russian right? Why are people comenting about how stupid Russians are if they aren't only Ruski in the video?

  2. i can only imagine what goes on in russian driving school
    instructor: you have car?
    me: da
    instructor: you have bribe?
    me: da
    instructor: congratulations you drive now

  3. That Firetruck… I remember a while ago when I was living in México.. A Police car was exactly in the same position as the Firetruck but instead of just calmly waiting the Cop actually gave a bump to the car in front of him and told him to "Move the fuck off" with the loudspeaker.. I LMAO like maniac on my car..
    You get 3 days in prison if you put any emergency car in that situation in México, So a slow bump to the fender is the least of your problems.

    The car actually moved and the cop just rushed the hell off.

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