Girls Win Compilation 2014 || MW

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  1. Theres nothing more impressive to me than a beautiful and skilled woman. I know this whole debate about beauty isn't everything is kinda worn down. But a woman that keeps up her level of beauty and commits passion and hard work for it is just so damn attracting. Yes, beauty isn't everything. But every 200 pounds chick with zero talent hating on a skinny girl thats practicing violine, dance or whatever is just pathetic. As a man I think I can honestly speak in the name of all men: beautiful girls make our lives worthy of living and are capable of lighten up ANY mood.

    Beautiful women are a gift of God himself. It's just so damn hard to feel as precious as they are….

  2. ok yeah the first half of the videos is wins but then the other half that gets more sexual to me its like…whoa they got pretty good bodys why not show em off and others appreciate what they had to do for it (natural not surgery wise) that's just my thinking at least.

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