Head Case – Escape Almost Fails!

Escape Almost Fails! Watch Darcy Oake’s death defying Water Escape now!


25 Replies to “Head Case – Escape Almost Fails!”

  1. There is stupid and then there is this. If you can't do this in your sleep, don't do it at all. It is irreverent to the audience and nobody wants to see an amateur almost drown.

  2. Not sure if there were legit issues or if it was played up for drama, but they didn't over-play it too much, so good job. On a side note though, he wasn't really at serious risk. They'd have to have a failsafe built into the apparatus so it can be dismantled very quickly. I also haven't trained a single day for holding my breath but that wasn't nearing the point of effort. I just did it for a test and made 2 mins 55 secs after hyperventilating for prep so I'm guessing this guy is capable of beyond that.

  3. That crowd size tho! Darcy you are my biggest inspiration as a stage performer. I absolutely love your work and am so happy to see you as successful as you are. Keep filling those seats man! Can't wait to be in one of them someday soon.

  4. He has done this trick before properly. Did it in a London square. But it's still crazy every time! Does anyone know where this is performed? The amount of people in this massive stadium is crazy

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