45 Replies to “NU’EST Baekho & Minhyun sexy girl look”

  1. I want this video appear at special concert or at Wanna One's Reality Show.
    I wanna know how their face. kkkk.
    Dongho image : Manly Sexy
    Minhyun image : Manly Cool
    will crack. kkkkk

  2. I adore Min and B…but omg I died laughing and came back to laugh some more. Lol
    B makes a funny looking girl but he's adorable anyway. As for Min…he is such a gorgeous guy with soft features but he really isn't like Ren, who can pull off a beautiful girl flawlessly. Min makes a cute girl, sure but it's awkward to look at. In my opinion, Min doesn't need to be dressed like a girl, he makes a beautiful boy.

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