Super healthy sexy Girl Group, Sistar [M COUNTDOWN] EP.421

M COUNTDOWN|Ep.421 최강 걸그룹 씨스타! 압도적인 건강+섹시미로 분위기 UP!! SISTAR – Intro + Touch my body World No.1 K-POP Chart Show M …


20 Replies to “Super healthy sexy Girl Group, Sistar [M COUNTDOWN] EP.421”

  1. I seriously like it that hyorin gains some weight!! She's looking more hot even ❤
    & idk why people say that the idols must be so skinny (I don't really like so skinny! )
    And it is now a healthy hot girl <3 love hyorin ❤❤

  2. OMG!!! her skinn is soooooo beautiful………i am so proud of her…see everyone can be what color they want as long as you have pride to show it…than youll get everyones support you go girl. your skin is gorgeous beautiful!!

  3. Hyorin plz don't damage ur skin too much with all that tanning, u will turn into a leater bag and dasom don't start bc it is wat makes u stand out from all the other members

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